Our business includes Gem, Jewellery Handicraft Textile leather products, tea etc. At the moment we are mainly dealing with gem & Jewellery. The display of other items will be introduced in due course.

Gems of Sri Lanka both precious and semi-precious, Jewellery made of silver yellow, gold, red gold, white gold, platinum are displayed at the business floor. The Jewellery items include Rings, Pendants, Necklace, Ear rings, bracelets, Brauchers, Piercings, Cufflings etc. It is made in various designs from simple to much complicated in modern attractive designs. The price range from 05 U.S $ up to multiple of thousands U.S $ depending on the metal, gem and the design.

The gems include the most valuable Blue Sapphire, White Sapphire, Pink, Yellow, Green & King Sapphires, Rubies, Diamond, Alexandrite, Star Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Star Ruby, Cats Eye etc. Also Garnet Tourmaline, Topaz of difference colours, Lemon Quartz Apatite, White Quartz, Fluorite, Moon Stone, Citrine, Onex, Turquoise, Tiger Eye, Malachite, Tanzanite, Ruby light etc.

A fully equipped workshop is also in operation to take care of the customer requirements. Every gem, metal and the Jewellery, made is under personal supervision of the Management. The goods bought by the customer are served with a certificate for guarantee and warranty. We do undertake to deliver the goods to the door step of the clients on their own request.



Precious & Semi Precious Gems of the paradise – Sri lanka

For all your happy moments in Life

Jewellery to  Symbolize    – Eternal Love, Marriage Wedding Rings, Birthdays

  • Jewellery for over 35 years of distinguished experience to satisfy your needs.
  • Price range according to your requirements
  • We serve to you to cater to your needs and your own budget
  • Step in and see the beauty of the natural fantastic Gems of Sri Lanka
  • We manufacture your Jewellery as a Souvenir for life time.